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Marketing Online


How important is Social Media to the survival of your business ?

Has the ” Social Media Conversation ”  begun and suddenly you feel left behind ?

Understanding social media is not rocket science, but to many of us, it can seem as foreign.  How can you possibly find the time to add something else on your plate ?



Have you created your ” Online Sales Force ? ”

We will use social media as our Sales Tools

  • Your Website / Blogsite
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Explore other social media apps, such as Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ and others.

Learn to put your social media apps on “Steroids” with programs such as Hootsuite, Social Monkey.  with introductions to Evernote.

  • Familiarize yourself with the importance of  Search Engine Optimization  ( SEO )
  • The use of Google Ad Words Keyword Tool



How Did You Do That ?

The question that is always asked,  ” how did you do that?”
It’s really quite simple, once you know how.
What if you were introduce to a set of tools or apps that you could manipulate or shape them into a one giant system that you could use to promote your business online.  Would it be worth your time and effort to do so ?
 make a list:
Xmind.  Hootsuite. Facebook, twitter,YouTube ,LinkedIn,

Look it up,!  ? how?

But first you’ll need to have a few basic office computer skills plus learn a whole new language of speaking designed to communicate your business or service across the Internet.
I call it the Ebonics of eCommerce:
Learn the meanings or new meanings of some maybe, familiar signs or symbols
@ #  http://
The evolution of communication has gone beyond anthing that you could have possibly imagined


Its a matter of having the Correct Tool to perform that Specific Job.

Introduction to Online Tools

some you will know, others you may never have heard of:




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