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Grow Any Business Online

How Do You Market Your Business, Product or Service – Online?

Are you a small business owner, salesperson or perhaps someone considering to offer your services, wares or products online?  

Perhaps you already own a website or your employer supplies you with a landing page for you to drive traffic to.  Social media can be that vehicle that can bridge that gap between the services that you provide, your social media efforts and your website.

This can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to begin.

Online Devices

Computers, Phones and Tablets:  Which device or devices will you use to set up your business online?  The heart of any online campaign is your computer, followed by a mobile device, be it a tablet or smartphone, ideally both, there are conveniences associated with each but mainly its the portability which allows you constant access to your  campaign.

Just as you had to learn how to operate your computer you must also become familiar with the operation of your mobile device.  Thankfully it has become so much easier over the years.

Learn to recognize the command symbols of your device, how to take advantage of the tools that are contained within that device, predominately the camera functions as you will find that to be useful if you choose to use YouTube as one of your mediums to promote your services.

The “Home Field”

Websites – Blogs:  If you are going to market a business or service online you must have someplace online from where you are going to display your wares.  This is your showcase, this is where you will ultimately bring your customers to.

Quite often, industries will have a website or a landing page that they will want their clients to visit. Some examples of these are Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents or Automobile Salespeople.

The “Players”

Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – Google+

Social Media: An awesome way for getting connected and staying connected to you audience 24 hrs. per day! Learn to feed the beast, you’ll get out of it what ever you put into it.

Social Media can significantly lower your cost of advertising.  It also allows you to develop a more personal relationship between your clients and your business.

If the young people can use it, surely you can learn how to use it and put it to work for your business.

The “Set-Up’s”

Settings:  Profiles, Headers and Banners

The “Hook-Up’s”

Links: Drive traffic to your website. Links make you available to your customers.  Links allow your customers to share your service with their peers.

The “Follow Through”

Online Tools and Apps:  All the social media, websites and posting means nothing without a viable means to collect and store your lists of customers and clients.  How will you keep up with your growing customer base?  How will your customers be aware of your future offers?

There is no “one tool” that will accomplish all that you’ll need  to achieve your goal in you online marketing campaign.  It will be a combination of two, three or more that will allow you to put your business ‘on the map”




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