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Strategies to Promote Your Business Online


Bring Your Own Business

Mobile Media Marketing

If your business can’t be googled, does it exist ?

Does your company or business provide you or their sales team with a website or blog site, where you can drive potential clients to, in order to promote your business or service ?

If your business already possesses a website are they using social media to reach more customers ?  Does your sales team posses the skills that are necessary in order to use social media to drive traffic to your website ?

New Tools – New Rules – New Tactics & Strategies

 Where to begin ?

Quite often, industries will have a website or a landing page that they will want their clients to visit. Some examples of these are Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents or Automobile Salespeople.

Many of these companies are already employing social media as a means of communication or advertising, but leave it up to their sales managers to make sure that everyone has some introduction into social media.

Claim Your Space on the World Wide Web

Drive traffic to your website via Social Media.

We are seeing it everywhere, we hear it all the time, “Like us on Facebook.” “Follow me @ hashtag (#)….” – And we wonder what could all that possibly mean ? And how could that ever help me with my business ?

Social Media can significantly low your cost of advertising.  It also allows you to develop a more personal relationship between your clients and your business.

Social Media Communication Skills



Marketing and Advertising




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